15 Greatest Philanthropists In Hollywood

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Everyone loves it when the rich help the poor. It’s your typical Robin Hood story and what makes it even more special is when your favorite celebrity makes it their mission to help out the less fortunate. Let’s have a look at some of the most generous celebrities out there and what they donate to help.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo has always been an arduous environmentalist, supporting an array of wildlife and marine protection organisations, with his most recent donation made just a week ago of $3 million to the ocean preservation organization Oceana. The donation aims to support a campaign against the use of gill nets for capturing fish and other marine life near the Californian coast.


2. Jami Gertz

Award-winning actress Jami and her husband who just so happens to have access to over $40 billion in investments, recently gave over $10 million to the Ressler-Gertz foundation to support those in need. The gigantic donation puts them as the highest donors in history.

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