15 Greatest Philanthropists In Hollywood

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3. Herb Albert

Herb’s own charity the Herb Albert Foundation received a sizable $9.1 million in support of compassion, well-being and the arts. This charity allowed the foundation to build new centres, provide food and resources to those in need and support the less fortunate.


4. Mel Gibson

Mel isn’t just an icon in the movie industry, he’s quite the philanthropist behind the scenes. His recent donation of $6.8 million to the AP Reilly Foundation provides overseas support to the Holy Family Church and their followers.


5. George Lucas

The George Lucas Educational Foundation received a huge $4 million sum from the award-winning director, writer and producer last year. The charity supports young people in need and provides them with the opportunity to follow their dreams.


6. Meryl Streep

Meryl and her husband donated over $2 million to the Silver Mountain Foundation for the Arts, including over $100,000 to Oxfam.


7. Sam Simon

When he’s not writing great new Simpson’s episodes, Sam’s a very charitable man and recently provided over $1.75 million to his own foundation the Sam Simon Foundation, a group that strongly supports re-homing dogs to veterans in need on companionship.


8. Jerry Seinfeld

A strong supporter of Jewish events, children’s charities and much more, Jerry donated $1.75 million to his own foundation in the hopes of improving the general well-being of children and people around the world.


9. Barbra Streisand

Barbra donated $1.5 million to her own Barbra Streisand Foundation, which focuses on cardiovascular research and more medical illnesses that effect men and women across the globe.


10. Matthew McConaughey

Matthew set up the Just Keep Livin’ Foundation over half a decade ago and it’s been a huge success. He gave $1.5 million last year to support communities and schools in Los Angeles and Texas.


11. Alec Baldwin

Alec kindly donated just over $1 million to his own charity the Alec Baldwin Foundation in 2013 to support Cancer Research, water resources and music


12. Sandra Bullock

She’s always been a hugely charitable actress and Sandra added to her donations last year with over $1 million towards the Haiti fund. She also visited locals to help with re-homing and support.


13. Will Smith

Will and his lovely wife Jada have their own foundation and gave over $900,000 last year to support the Make-A-Wish group, the Lupus Foundation and the arts and humanities.


14. Hugh Heffner

When Hugh heard that the legendary Hollywood sign was due to have its surrounding area flattened for new homes, he signed a petition and provided $900,000 towards the Trust for Public Land group to stop the planned demolition.


15. Lance Armstrong

The award winning cyclist donated to a charity that is very close to his heart, the LiveStrong Foundation, to support those suffering with cancer and long term illnesses. He sent over $700,000 their way for new equipment, resources and research materials.

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