5 Celebrities Who Are Bad Drivers (and They Own Up to It)

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3. Eva Longoria

Reports said that Eva Longoria was kind while exchanging information after a fender bender that seemed to be her fault. While trying to exit a parking lot in Los Angeles, she backed up into a BMW, ruining its hood and front grill, while causing no damage to her own car. According to TMZ, “Eva — who was very nice — apologized for the accident and traded information before finding an exit that worked and going on her way.”

4. Kylie Jenner

Apparently only 18 days after getting her driver’s license, reality star Kylie Jenner caused a three-car collision, according to TMZ. At the time Jenner was only 16, but caused some serious damage not only to her brand new $125,000 Mercedes SUV, but to two other cars, according to photos from the scene. The accident took place in Los Angeles. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star hit the back of a Toyota, which in turn hit a Subaru SUV. However, young Jenner was quick to get out of her car, apologize, and make sure everyone was OK before exchanging information with the other drivers. Hopefully she’s learned to drive more carefully since then.

5. Selena Gomez

A cryptic tweet may blame the paparazzi for distracting Gomez as she was pulling out of a 7-Eleven parking lot and causing a fender bender. The back of her SUV was a bit scratched up, but we don’t know what damage happened to the car she backed into. Photos from the scene showed her in good spirits, though, as she and her friend exchanged information with the other driver.

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