5 Celebrities Who Have Been Accused of Scamming People

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There are many celebrities who have been the victim of a scam, which shows that being rich could make you more vulnerable to sketchy characters. But then there are celebrities who were accused of being sketchy themselves. Some celebrities have tried to start a side businesses or a charity that led to investigations and even lawsuits. Then there are those celebrities who might have been used as the face of a scam without even knowing it! Here are five celebrities who have been accused of scamming people.

1. Donald Trump

donald trump and ivanka trump

The business mogul decided to try his luck at education. He came up with Trump University, but the venture went sour when it was accused of being a scam. According to The New York Times, the for-profit university didn’t handpick instructors like it claimed. There have also been claims that the university had no interest in helping its consumers.

“While Trump University claimed it wanted to help consumers make money in real estate,” Ronald Schnackenberg, a former salesman for Trump University said according to The New Yorker, when “in fact Trump University was only interested in selling every person the most expensive seminars they possibly could.” Some of their instruction packages were as high as $35,000.

The university is currently closed, but there are lasting legal woes that have followed. There are currently two class-action lawsuits in California regarding Trump University. Trump’s lawyers claim only a small group of students complained and many others gave student evaluations saying they were satisfied.

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