7 Celebrities With Strange Addictions

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We all have our little quirks or things we’re passionate about, but the following list of seven celebrities with strange addictions takes it to a whole other level. Keep reading to see what these celebrities just can’t do without.

1. Vampires And Coca Colas

Glittery vampire Robert Pattinson has an addiction to diet coke. The guy just can’t seem to quit drinking the stuff. He has even admitted to drinking as many as 300 cans of diet coke in a single week.


2. Eyeliner Frenzy

Avril Lavigne is addicted to eye makeup, more specifically, dark black eyeliner and lots of it. She’s even confessed that she feels completely naked without eyeliner. Take it from us, Avril…less is more!


3. Pussycat Love

Jesse Eisenberg likes lending a helping hand…to cats that is. In fact, he’s developed a rather odd obsession for adopting stray cats or those that are being fostered. While it’s a nice gesture and you’ve got to love the guy for being compassionate to animals…where in the world does he keep all of those kitties?

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