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8 Celebrities Who Have Run for Political Office

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With rapper Waka Flocka Flame having announced his 2016 run for the presidency, let’s take a look at the various celebrities who have decided to use their fame to run for political office. From a Hollywood golden era actor who became a conservative presidential icon to a Governator who proved it’s probably a bad idea to vote for an actor with no political experience, lots of well-known celebs have run for office with varying levels of success. Meanwhile, any marijuana aficionados out there now have a 2016 candidate with their interests in mind above all else.

1. Waka Flocka Flame

The Atlanta-based rapper announced his candidacy quite appropriately on 4/20 this year. DJ Whoo Kid will be his running mate, and his platform is strongly based on his plans to immediately legalize marijuana should he get elected. Flame rose to fame with the release of his 2010 album Flockaveli.

He’s since made headlines for being not only an endlessly quotable rapper, but also a huge marijuana enthusiast. Aside from his entrance into politics, Flame is looking to hire a professional blunt roller who he’d be willing to pay $50,000 a year to travel around with him, rolling the perfect blunts on command, according to an interview with NPR. His requirements for the position are so stringent that he has been trying to fill the position since the fall but hasn’t been able to find a properly qualified candidate.

Flame announced his presidential candidacy in a video posted on Rolling Stone’s website. The publication pointed out that the rapper is following through on a promise he made two years ago, when he tweeted “I’m dead ass running for president in 2016.”

Aside from legalizing weed, Flame says he would ban dogs from restaurants, stop people with big feet from walking on sidewalks, and require children to learn his lyrics in school. Flame says he thinks Hillary Clinton is his only competition “because the women love her and her husband is Bill.”

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