12 Celebs With The Most Fake Profiles

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People make fake profiles to catfish hundreds of followers through manipulation

Most people admire celebrities. Many media sources allow the public to browse through images and stories of their favourite celebrities. The majority of people don’t have to spend a lot of time to find out new information about these famous stars. However, there are a few people who want to impersonate their favourite icons. These fake celebrity social media profiles are gaining followers based on the name alone. Some followers could not tell that these profiles were not real. Over time, fans even believed they were friends or dating true celebrities! A phony celebrity profile can go a long way with the right profile picture, name and posts. The creators of the fake profiles are able to catfish hundreds of followers through manipulation. Followers of fake celebrity social media profiles are missing out on hearing from their favourite celebrities. Here are 12 celebrities who have fake social media profiles about them.

12. Luke Bryan

Many scammers are cashing in on the appeal of country music stars. Some Facebook accounts have received friend requests along with a thank you message from these icons. Unfortunately, it’s probably too good to be true and it’s likely someone just after your money.

Luke Bryan has been dealing with this ongoing issue since 2012. He sent out a warning to his fans on his official Facebook fan page. He wanted to inform others that he was only using this account for correspondence.

The people behind the fake social media profiles made one to impersonate Luke’s wife, Caroline. Luke was in disbelief that anyone would stoop that low as his wife doesn’t even have Facebook. He apologized for his long post but thought it was best to let people know about the terrible situation. He encouraged his friends to unfriend and block anyone pretending to be him or his wife on all social media accounts.

11. Bow Wow

One fan fell for a fake social media profile for Bow Wow. Keyonnah thought that she met the star four months later after liking his Facebook fan page. She was impressed and believed it was real when she received $10,000 during the relationship.

She decided to go on Catfish: The TV Show to find out if the dream relationship was true. Keyonnah found out that a woman called Dee managed the Facebook page. The purpose behind the social media profile was for Dee to meet girls. She kept up with the lie by dressing up as a man on one occasion to disguise herself from an online relationship.

Dee would borrow quite a bit of money from her family and friends. She gave the borrowed money to each of her managed relationships. During a video interview, Bow Wow exclaimed that he feels honoured that someone wanted to be him. He liked it because he considered it to be free promotion for himself.

10. Katy Perry

Spencer Morrill thought he was dating the famous star over the past 6 years! He believed there was an instant connection. There were dozens of “I love you” messages sent back and forth. He described the surreal experience on Catfish as “pretty cool.”

Needless to say, Spencer payed the price. He received a $270 phone bill after apparently talking to the singer. He decided to purchase an engagement ring to propose. He was able to connect with Nev Schulman of Catfish to find out if this profile was real. They traced the given phone number directly to an email address. Harriet from Gloucester, England had the email address.

Harriet explained her reasoning for catfishing Spencer. She found it to be enjoyable but got caught up in it. She expressed how she wanted to continue talking to Spencer. He helped her during some low moments in her life. Katy Perry couldn’t believe someone would play with another person’s emotions.

9. Jake Owen

In 2016, the country singer posted an online video of himself on the phone along with an in depth caption. He shared it to his 1.8 million Facebook fans. He was rattled and swearing in the video because someone has been using his famous name to creepily message girls.

The fake account didn’t have too many followers and true Jake fans were suddenly suspicious after receiving friend requests from him. After catfishing numerous women, many female fans reported the fake Jake to the real one. The phony Jake’s phone number was found on one of the received messages forwarded by a female fan. However, no one picked up the phone after the number was dialed.

Since Jake wanted to teach the impersonator a lesson, he left a stern voice message. Moments later, Jake received a text from the guy who claimed he was really the country music icon and didn’t want his phone number shared. Jake disobeyed the request and continued to insult him online.

8. Perrie Edwards

There is a fake Twitter account under the Little Mix singer’s name. The social media account is managed by a 20 year old student named Laura. She started creating celebrity accounts in 2009. With 3,300 followers, this fake profile is growing in popularity. Laura finds posting on Twitter is great for expressing her own feelings and thoughts.

She enjoys the sense of privacy by keeping some secrets from her friends. She views running the account as a hobby. Laura likes tweeting in an imaginary Perrie voice. Laura recognizes that some people have mistaken the fake account as Perrie’s official account. However, Laura explains that she has put ‘fake’ in her username and mentions that she roleplays in her bio.

Laura relates to Perrie due to some similarities. Laura feels that they can experience happiness and sadness at once. She wanted to pay tribute to her idol when she created the Twitter account. Laura claims she was negatively impacted by Perrie and Zayn Malik’s breakup. Laura took the end of that relationship personally because she feels a strong connection to Perrie.

7. Chuck Norris

The action star has a fake Twitter account. The profile was created in 2007. Outrageous tweets continuously promote his greatness to over 10,000 fans. A frank bio description, “um. yes. this is fake. thanks for the email though,” can be found below the red kicking karate silhouette icon. Some followers must have thought this phony account actually belonged to the celebrity.

There have been a couple of recent posts. One of them reads, “I only have one hand. The upper hand.” The second ridiculous message says, “In a fight between Batman and Darth Vader, I would win.”

The funny tweet, “I built the hospital I was born in,” was retweeted 139 times and liked 35 times. A tweet from 2009 states, “I once got a 100% on a calculus exam by writing violence for every question. I solve all problems with violence.” Another absurd tweet, “When google has a question, they “norris” it,” has 114 likes and 88 retweets.

6. Prince William

A phony Twitter account is impersonating a member of the royal family. The profile has 44,763 followers. It was created in 2012. The bio says, “Duke of Cambridge, Earl of Strathearn, Baron Carrickfergus, Royal Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, (Fictional)”

A recent tweet poses, “Why do women feel compelled to ‘flash’ one whilst I peacefully ride the Royal Harley?” Another tweet reads, “Dear USA, yes we do have a ‘monopoly’ on the English language. Yours, Future King of ENGLAND.” One post ponders, “I do often wonder that I should do something with this twitter page. I shall from tomorrow.” Name dropping, hashtags, throwing shade and caps are used in a variety of tweets.

In a recent post, two users are tagged. Elizabeth Windsor (@Queen_UK) and Prince Charles (Charles_HRH) are two accounts that are not verified. This Twitter account is following many verified accounts. A couple of users are Lord Sugar and UK Prime Minister.

5. Derek Luke

A controversial Instagram post apparently from the actor was shared to 86,000 followers. The photo caption expresses admiration for his wife but oddly focusses on her race. There is a list of ethnicities which his wife is not and then he repeatedly says that she is Hispanic. The bizarre post has over 6,500 likes and the comment section resulted in big debate. The account also features pictures from behind the scenes of The View and Empire.

It was discovered that the account was fake and Derek wasn’t pleased at all. He doesn’t have Instagram and thought it was disturbing that his relationship was discussed. Derek told Access Hollywood that people using his name have been invited to auditions.

He thinks it’s crazy and wants them to stop interfering with his life. Another social media post using his name stated that he had a child with his wife. However, Derek clarified that the couple hasn’t started a family yet.

4. Oprah Winfrey

Instead of following the real Oprah, many online users have subscribed to another account. The fake Twitter profile, @oprahwinfry has 27,183 followers as opposed to a whopping 36.1 million subscribers. The real Oprah Twitter account focuses on television show promotion and related affiliations. There are 462 videos and pictures posted which showcases Oprah’s latest achievements. Fellow celebrities and news media outlets make up a significant fraction of her followers. Fortunately, this alternative celebrity account is full of humorous tweets. They poke fun at Oprah’s extravagant lifestyle and food preferences.

One off kilter tweet reads, “Cleaning out Oprah set. I think I forgot to tell the audience to ‘look under your seat’ a few times b/c we found a LOT of crap under there.” This tweet asks, “wondering who got McDonald’s to bring back the McRib? Let’s just say: you’re welcome. #ThePowerOfOprah.” The use of caps and hashtags is certainly provocative.

3. Cheryl Fernandez-Versini

There is a dedicated Twitter account to the X Factor judge. The social media profile is run by Jennifer. She is 20 years old and has 800 followers. Sometimes she roleplays with other account users. Bonding with other fans of Cheryl makes managing the account worthwhile.

Jennifer enjoys interacting with her fans and posting her favourite pictures of Cheryl. Jennifer has idolized the star from an early age. She would listen to the band, Girls Aloud. Jennifer only has praise for Cheryl.

Jennifer wants more people to follow her Twitter page. She strives to further her audience and meet more people. Jennifer explains how the account makes her feel special compared to real life connections. Jennifer finds her usual social circle to be small and limiting. She feels better about herself and can communicate freely online with others. She likes the supportive community. It’s a great escape from her mundane life.

2. Taylor Swift

A new social media application called Peach started to create a buzz on Twitter in 2016. Many users were creating their accounts under this famous celebrity name. One user posted a status update saying, “I can’t wait for the new Jungle Book!” and a picture above of Tom Daley, a British Diver beside partner Dustin Lance Black.

The star has 84.1 million followers on Twitter. Her latest tweets promote the song, I Don’t Wanna Live Forever, featuring Zayn. On Instagram, she has 99.7 million followers. She is supportive of her talented friends such as Lorde, who is busy promoting her new music.

The account, @tavIorswift13 has a disclaimer in their bio. They have to clarify, “I’m not Taylor Swift. This is just a joke twitter. RT my tweets to trick your friends for a second that I am Taylor!” Their retweets include roleplaying with other parody accounts and sharing their favourite songs. This user created their profile in 2010.

1. Demi Lovato

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