Top 10 Awkward Pictures Of Kim Kardashian That Kanye Never Wanted On The Web

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Kim Kardashian is one of the most polarizing celebrities known to this generation. She and her family have been able to generate hundreds of millions of dollars through many industries including book publishing deals, makeup collections, and clothing collaborations with head honcho manufacturers. The lives of the Kardashian family have been documented for years thanks to none other than Kim Kardashian herself and a particular sex tape that supposedly was ‘leaked’. Now, with Kim being at the forefront of gossip media she’s being followed everywhere she goes and sometimes the paps catch her at the wrong time for unflattering and untimely photo ops. With that being said, check out these fifteen awkward pictures of Kim K. that even her husband Kanye West would like to be removed from existence.

1. Flashy Enough For You

To point out the obvious, Kim has one of the most amazing figures in mainstream media and it definitely shows in this particular picture. Unfortunately, this particular styling screams the year 3273. It’s overtly metallic and comes off cheap. Kanye would never…

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