Top 10 Reasons JFrater Doesn’t Want To Write Another film List

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I love film lists, but, unfortunately it is impossible to satisfy everyone. So, this is my list of the top 10 reasons JFrater doesn’t want to write another film list. In no particular order:

1. Reason 1

Teenagers think you should include their “current” favorite film – which scored negative numbers on the Internet Movie Database.

2. Reason 2

Old people think you should include their “first” favorite film – which scores well but no one under the age of 60 has heard of.

3. Reason 3

Europeans think you should include 90% non-American films despite the fact that America dominates the film market, and has done since day one

4. Reason 4

Psychopaths think you should include their favorite niche market of snuff or crush films in your list

5. Reason 5

Normal people like your selections but hate the order

6. Reason 6

Film buffs think you should have included that “monumental” film that director x directed in some country you have never heard of, before committing suicide.

7. Reason 7

Christians think you should not include films with x-rated content

8. Reason 8

Atheists think you should not include films with any religious bias

9. Reason 9

Oriental film buffs are disappointed that their favorite director (insert oriental name here) is not included, even though he is not known outside of a North Korean Prison Camp

10. Reason 10

Some random social-networker (read digg, reddit, fark) that has never seen the site before just wants to bitch.


You are not even American but everyone gets pissed off at your “American-centric” list.

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