9 Small Things Guys Love When Their Girlfriends Do For Them

It’s the little things in life that hold the most meaning, the most beauty and power. While an army of men couldn’t move a mountain, a single atom can unleash enough power to level it entirely.

But guys aren’t always the best at picking up the little things. They may not notice your new hairstyle. They may not notice your new shoes. There are, however, some things that just about every man notices — when, of course, it comes to the woman he loves.

It’s all the little things that his girlfriend does for him that remind him how much he loves her. It’s the things that only he really notices that make him love her more with every day.

It’s easy to find someone who has all the right big-picture qualities. But the essence of love is in the details. While these nine things guys love when their girlfriends do may seem insignificant, nothing could be further from the truth.

1. When she texts him good morning.

Believe it or not, when a guy loves his girlfriend, he loves seeing a text from her first thing in the morning. Well, he’d prefer to see her lying next to him in the morning, but when that isn’t an option, a text will have to do.

It’s always nice to be reminded that there’s someone out there thinking about you the moment she wakes up…

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