9 Small Things Guys Love When Their Girlfriends Do For Them

4. When she looks at him and actually sees him.

People feel alone not because there isn’t anyone present in their lives, but because they don’t feel present in anyone’s life. Truly being a part of someone’s life requires a level of understanding that only true love allows for.

He loves when his girlfriend looks into him to see the true him, because at the same time, she’s letting him see the true her. And he doesn’t feel so alone anymore.

5. When she cheerleads for him.

She’s his biggest fan, biggest supporter, biggest believer. She believes in him more than he believes in himself. And every time he approaches a challenge, especially when it’s one that he himself doubts he can overcome, she is there to remind him that he’s stronger than he knows.

He’s been waiting his whole life for someone that sees the good in him, and now he knows he’s found her.

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