Celebrities Whose Lifestyles Make Us Think They’ll Die From Heart Disease

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Kevin Smith’s revelation about making a lifestyle change to avoid a fatal heart attack should be a wake up call to others who may be on the brink.

Smith was lucky to receive treatment in time, is losing weight, and getting healthy. But not all celebrities have turned the same corner. Here’s a list of famous people who may need to rethink their lifestyle to avoid heart disease (wait till you see what notorious person made No. 11).

1. Rick Ross

Ross suffered a heart attack and celebrated with a bottle of champagne. Although Ross has reason to celebrate, his partying lifestyle is what likely landed him in the hospital clinging to life in the first place. While Ross has a history of seizures, he also sleeps only three hours a night and it wasn’t uncommon for him to enjoy steak at 4 a.m., People reports.

2. Artie Lange

Comedian Lange has a long documented history of drug, alcohol, and food abuse and is even too ill right now to enter rehab, Radar Online reports. Doctors recently warned Lange if he doesn’t get his life together he’s at risk of having a stroke, according to Page Six.

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