Celebrities Whose Lifestyles Make Us Think They’ll Die From Heart Disease

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3. Chaz Bono

After years of yo-yo dieting, Bono’s mother, Cher is concerned about Bono’s weight gain. Bono originally dropped 165 pounds, but now Radar Online reports the weight is coming back with a vengeance. He may have gained possibly 86 pounds, which could put him well into the 300-pound range. Extreme weight gain is one direct link to heart disease.

4. Mario Batali

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Batali is notorious for excess, which includes food and booze, according to The New Yorker. Beyond what he eats, his own profession may be hazardous to his heart. High stress is common in the job, as well as substance abuse, and working late or long hours, according to Total Food.

5. Jeff Garlin

Garlin has been well aware of his mortality has he suffered a stroke at age 37, according to WNYC Studios. He’s battled his weight for years and sees food as an addiction. “Anything with a feeling brings about wanting to eat,” he told WNYC Studios.

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