The Secrets Behind How Much These Celebrities Really Weigh, Revealed

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Being in the public eye isn’t easy — any celebrity can tell you that. And of course, with every photo taken by the paparazzi that’s plastered on the front of tabloids, we’re all speculating about what their lives are really like. We’re also all secretly wondering what their diets, workout routines, and sizes actually are.

Celebrities are typically dressed to impress, so it can make it difficult to know what they look like underneath it all. Here, you may be surprised to know what these famous people weigh.

1. Kate Middleton

  • Around 121 pounds

Known as the Duchess of Cambridge, all eyes have been on Kate Middleton for quite some time now. And pregnancies aside, Kate often subtly shows off her slim figure. Foods For Better Health explains Kate usually weighs around 121 pounds, which is quite thin for her 5-foot-9 frame. She can thank her strict workout routine and low-carb diet for her lack of body fat.

2. Kylie Jenner

  • Around 130 pounds

She reportedly gained quite a bit of weight during her recent pregnancy with baby Stormi. But Kylie’s been working hard to take off the excess weight — and some additional pounds beyond that. Heightline explains the young Jenner is 5-foot-6 and typically weighs around 130 pounds. This works perfectly with her hourglass frame, as she’s not too slim at this weight.

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