These Are the Most Brutal Celebrity Insults Ever Thrown at Donald Trump

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3. Matt Damon

Actor Matt Damon was extremely worried during the election, according to Cosmopolitan. “[Trump] makes me nervous. … There’s no way we can let this guy be the [president]. To let that dude have the nuclear football, are you kidding me? That’s dangerous. He’s impulsive and rash, and doesn’t seem to think deeply about too many things,” said Damon. ” Damon also granted a Spanish news agency an interview, during which he referred to Trumps’ speech as “xenophobic,” “dehumanizing,” and “disgusting.”

4. George Clooney

Actor George Clooney chimed in about Donald Trump during the election when The Guardian interviewed him. “He’s just an opportunist. Now he’s a fascist; a xenophobic fascist,” said Clooney. The staunch Clinton supporter had more to say as the election went on, according to Cosmopolitan. “There is not going to be a President Donald Trump. Fear is not going to drive our country,” he said. So much for that.

5. JK Rowling

Well-known author of the Harry Potter series JK Rowling shot back at an article that called Donald Trump Lord Voldermort. Her sense of humor was evident when she said, “How horrible. Voldemort was nowhere near as bad.”

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