Whimsical Turned Dark: 15 Lesser-Known Facts About Kate Spade’s Life

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From handbags to agendas, cell phone cases to clothing and shoes, her work had a fun, pop art aesthetic that was impossible to resist.

Every girl loves the work of designer Kate Spade. From handbags to agendas, cell phone cases to clothing and shoes, her work has a fun, pop art aesthetic that is impossible to resist. It’s very accessible and doesn’t feel too fancy or impossible to understand, and we really love it.

Kate Spade tragically passed away the morning of Tuesday June 5, 2018 at her home in New York City. The news that this beloved designer is gone is so sad, and it makes us realize that we might know more about her work, purses, and clothing than the legend herself. We don’t tend to hear about designers being in the news as much as other celebrities, even though Kate Spade is a name that we all know and love, and she’s got tons of name recognition. Sure, we might have an iPhone case with a gorgeous Kate Spade design, or maybe we got an amazing purse for a birthday or graduation gift.

But what do we really know about the late designer? There are definitely a lot of things that we should know and she had an amazing, inspiring life full of success. Read on for 16 facts about Kate Spade’s life.

15. She Actually Changed Her Name To Kate Valentine

Kate Spade is a name that we all know and she was super famous. Most of us are definitely big fans of the designer’s work. But that wasn’t her given name, which is a fact that we probably weren’t aware of. Her given name was Katherine Noel Brosnahan. When she married Andy Spade, it made sense for them to combine their names for the brand: Kate (her first name) and Spade (his last name). It’s safe to say that we didn’t know that at all.

Recently, in 2016, Kate and her husband Andy decided to create a new brand called Frances Valentine. It was all about accessories. 

According to Refinery 29, because of that, she decided to change her name so she would now go by Kate Valentine. She told Business of Fashion, “We’re not trying to be cheeky or coy. It really was to distinguish the name and separate the two worlds. Obviously, we’re super proud of Kate Spade and we want to be respectful of both.”

It’s super interesting to hear the behind-the-scenes of this kind of thing since we probably all assumed that her real name was Kate Spade and that was why she named her brand that, but that’s not actually the real story.

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